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Dissimilar methods of protection Set you unharmed and undamaged

We don’t push brands. We suggest tailor made ideal solutions. Because no two requirements are the same. A brand perfect for one may not be the right choice for another. We understand your geography, your need and finally, your budgetary constraints. Then we go about suggesting the best way to use a Vedant solution.

Often it means that all aspects need not be takes care of at once. there could be phase a phase-wise build-up and yet the system installed should be geared for a scale -up if and when necessary. We work hard at planning stage to ensure the execution is an easy process and leave only once you and your employees are in command of all systems that have installed.

Our technology prevents fire

Acuity Safety Equipment Installation LLC begins in UAE with the intention to meet all the security & safety needs of our clients. We have a band wagon of experienced Mechanical & Electrical Engineers ably supported by a team of Fire Fighting and Fire Alarm Technicians dedicated to the job.

A team of sales engineers enhance the possibility of spreading awareness of Security Systems,Fire Protection, Fire Alarm & Fire Fighting to prospective clients.We are doing all types of Security Systems,Fire Alarm & Fire Fighting Projects all over Dubai.We are also doing Annual Maintenance Contracts for Fire Alarm & Fire Fighting Systems for Residential & Commercials Buildings.

Thank you and assuring our full attention for a long healthy business relationship with your esteemed organization and looking forward to receive your valued enquires now and in future.
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Maintenance and Service

  • Check concentrate line valves
  • Check water inlet line valves
  • Check foam level in the tank
  • Check control valve is in the open position and monitored.
  • Check nozzles for blockage & sprinkler positioning
  • Response to fire alarm system
  • Inspection of valves, switches
  • Check for any water leakages
  • Check the physical condition of the containers
  • Extinguishing medium and applied pressure.
  • Extinguishers are located in designated place.
  • A sticker will be fitted to all extinguishers indicating the inspection date.
  • Check for any physical damage.
  • Check the Nozzle for any damages, blockages.
  • Check the safety seal.
  • Check the pressure gauge and record the same.

On call 7 days a week and 24 hours a day for service & repair